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Before you publish any announcements we strongly advise you to look through recommendations on improving the visibility of your advertisements in the search results.

By publishing non-unique texts taken from your own sites or the other ones or by publishing repetitive descriptions of your product or service - you lose 70% of the target browsing and as a result - prospective consumers.

Displaying at least a little imagination and spending one minute of your time you will notice a significant change in the increased number of users, who have paid attention to your ad.

Only those informative announcements which have not been published previously and which have qualitative descriptions of goods or services will get additional visitors (besides the visitors of the site) entering the issuance of the search engines by relevant keywords.

Free classifieds ads in Australia
The site of the free announcements of Australia is created for gathering and spreading of the information about the sale, the acquisition of each property, about the rendered and required services of the Australian citizens. The announcements that infringe the resource rules about “ambiguous” services and other announcements of the shady character will be deleted. Remember: the responsibility for the content of the announcements is born by their authors!


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In the process of preliminary studying with each resource in the Internet the vision concentrates at first in so called “site’s headline”, where mostly are situated main important facts that characterize the platform or the information. This information is placed by the proprietors of the platforms with the aim of the supreme report to a visitor. On our site of the free announcements in the place that receives the maximal quantity of reviews are situated photos from the last ten presented announcements. It is not hard to guess that it promotes to the increasing of the availability and attracts a wider range of the potential clients to your product or service.

It is possible to get here absolutely without cost, you should only add to the text of your announcement some photos or a picture that corresponds to the sense of the text.

Free of charge announcements with the photos that don’t correspond to the thematic, have low quality, are repeated and don’t correspond to the norms of the ethics and moral will be immediately deleted.

Don’t forget also about the uniqueness of the announcements’ text, where you insert unique photos or pictures. Only under a condition that the text of the announcement, given by you, wasn’t published earlier in the Internet and the unique photo is attached to it, the visibility of your announcements for potential customers will increase multifold. Electronic boards of the announcements considerably distinguish from newspaper announcements. A stable customer, who visits the site in searches of something, finds the announcements’ texts, displayed in the search readout by the keywords that meet in the text or in the titles of the announcements. Certainly, it is acceptable only to the unique texts and the photos of the published announcements.

The announcements with the photos represent a wonderful possibility to show up among the rivals, to limelight the customer and achieve that aim, to which you aspire. Remember, the first impression that creates the vision of your text is the strongest. So, you should try to add qualitative and bright photos that correspond to the thematic and probably namely your photo will be decisive in the attraction of the potential buyer’s attention.

We hope that these simple recommendations will help you in your aspire to reach necessary results.
Free classifieds ads in Australia
It is possible to give the announcement free of charge, without any registration and complication of the interaction with our site under a condition of the rules maintenance. These rules are written not because of the site’s administration fancy. They were formed over the years and reflect the main principles of the successful cooperation.

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The main rule is that the announcements shall not disturb the Australian legislation. They shall be useful and informative. For example, if you claim your product and service in front of the real “live” auditory, does it come to your mind to speak nonsense and repeat the same information to the same people? Certainly, you will try to give the information to the listener as explicate and attractive, as possible. So why don’t many advertisers use this practice on the announcement sites?

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The responsibility for the content of the publications, given by the visitors on the site, is conferred absolutely on the authors who have published this information. We try in every way to secure our reader from any false or roguish information, but unfortunately we can’t physically examine everything. So if you meet deceive or any other type of the wrongful interaction, we ask you to report to the administration about this announcement. It will be deleted and we shall take all measures to forbid to its author the usage of our services any more.
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The site’s administration has right on its discretion to transfer the given announcements within the site to other sections, to correct or to delete the announcement or to refuse in the arrangement without the explanation of the reasons, to block the access for the users who infringe the rules of the site. As a rule, the access blockage happens after rude infringements or is accepted to the advertisers who publish the announcements that infringe the norms of ethics and moral. The term of the blockage action isn’t limited and is defined on the moderator’s discretion. The recommendations by the composition of the announcements you can find on the page of the announcement submission, also in the section “Articles”